You've decided you want to hire a marquee for your party but are not sure where to look or which company to choose.

First things first answer yourself the following vital questions.

1. What is the event / theme?

If you require a marquee for your wedding then you will want a luxury and quality marquee in the best possible condition.

There are many marquee companies that do not specialise in Wedding marquee hire resulting in a chance their marquees are not in the best condition or suit your event.


Marquee hire companies that specialise in wedding marquee hire generally ensure their marquees are cleaned regularly and maintain to keep the service luxury and the special day amazing.

2. Number of guests

When hiring a marquee it is important you know how many guests you are going to invite so you can plan and maximise the space.

3. Sit down meal or buffet?

What type of meal are you planning for your party?

Under estimating the number of chairs and tables could result in your guests standing the whole night and not enjoying the party.



With the above information you now have enough details to get a pre quote using the basic requirements for your event.


i.e. If you contact a company asking for the following.

Marquee for garden party with 60 guest’s part seated buffet afternoon and evening.


A company would return a quote to you for the marquee and tables and chairs including a few items you would not thinking of.


- Marquee Hire

- Matting/Flooring

- Lighting

- Buffet serving tables (trestle tables)


Where to look for a marquee hire company?

You can look for a company in many locations now days but we would recommend the following methods

  • Google (Marquee Hire Berkshire)

  • Recommendations (Friends/Family)


  • Marquee Hire Guide Website


Either one of these methods will give you a list of popular marquee hire companies but how should you choose between them?

Going by price is not always the right decision as the cheapest is normally the cheapest for a reason. The less a company charges results in the less time and care they give their marquees and equipment. Again if you are looking for a professional services and quality marquee then you will need to take a look at some other aspects of the company you have found.


What to look for when finding a marquee company?


Customer testimonials & Reviews

There is nothing better than a review of a company than a customer testimonial. Look on the company’s website.


Social Media Pages

Does the company update their Facebook/Twitter with new photos and company information? This shows that the marquee hire company are keen to share their business experiences with you as well as making them contactable. They no doubt will be reviews and previous customer’s interaction.



Does the company website have a good range of photos to show what their marquees look like in different locations and conditions (i.e. rain & Sunshine)

Regular photo updates will give you a great idea what the marquees condition is like now rather than old photos that are rarely updated. This will give you an idea of the condition and how clean the marquees and equipment are.


Price and Package Options

A good marquee hire business normally have a range of packages with competitive prices offering great value. Many companies will offer a range of services as add on’s or packages for weddings and parties. This could be anything from the following.

  • PA Music System Hire
  • Hog Roast/Catering packages
  • DJ/Wedding Bands
  • Photography


Try some of these links to assist looking for a marquee hire company

Marquee Hire Guide



If you have any questions or would like more advice on how to choose a marquee hire company then please feel free to contact us by Email

We are more than happy to share our experiences with hiring a marquee and how to plan a successful party or wedding.





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