He said ‘we don’t need a marquee’

She was NOT HAPPY 

When planning a wedding or party one thing that is usually missed off or forgotten is the dance floor. Although it doesn’t seem important compared to other items like the venue, decorations and the DJ the dance floor is important to help create a stunning event. As well as looking Fab it is also practical for your guests to have a good solid surface.

With the Chinese New Year around the corner we were thinking how many brides getting married in the beginning of February are having a Chinese Wedding Theme.
This theme is so cool and easy to do in many venues, hotel, marquee or local community hall.

What a Capri marquee dressed for a wedding

The Capri is considered one of the most versatile marquees for hire as it is virtually a blank canvas ready to be dressed and decorated into any theme, style and colour. The Capri canopy can be transformed into many different themes for any type of event whether it is for a wedding, birthday party, graduation or afternoon garden party.

There is always one guest that abuses the open bar at their friend’s wedding and embarrass their self in front of everyone. The women in this video seriously went too far and literally brings the roof down with her drunken antics!


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