Capri Marquees

Capri Marquee

The Capri Marquee offers a stylish canopy suitable for soft surfaces and provides room for 40 to 250 guests. Additionally two or more Capri marquees can be linked together providing extra space for 250 guests.

Our range of Capri marquees comprises of the following sizes:

  • 20ft x 20ft - (6m x 6m)     Up to 40 Guests

  • 20ft x 30ft - (6m x 9m)     Up to 75 Guests

  • 28ft x 38ft - (9m x 12m)   Up to 100 Guests

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Mini Marquee

Pagoda Marquee & Matrix/HEX Marquee

Pagoda Marquee hire (also known as the Chinese top hat marquee) can accommodate up to 120 guests for a wedding or party any time of the year. This marquee can be set up on hard and soft surfaces meaning it can be erected stand alone or against a house or property creating and over flow area.

Some of the sizes the Pagoda marquee can create:

  • 20ft x 20ft - (6m x 6m)

  • 16.5ft x 16.5ft (5m x 5m)

  • 13ft x 13ft - (4m x 4m)

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Mini Marquee

Mini Marquee

The Mini Marquees are a versatile canopy perfect for garden parties, birthdays, BBQ and Birthday celebrations. The Mini Marquees can be linked together to create extra space if required.

Some of the sizes the Mini marquee can create:

  • 3m x 4.5m - (10ft x 15ft)

  • 3x x 9m - (10ft by 30ft)

  • 4.5m x 6m - (15ft by 20ft)

  • 4.5m x 9m - (15ft by 30ft)

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Mini Marquee

Furniture & Accessories

We have a wide range of furniture and accessories for our marquees and for parties including

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Lighting
  • Flooring

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Mini Marquee

Refrigerator and Freezer Trailer Hire

We have a range of refrigerated trailers for hire for every event including corporate events, weddings, parties and more. If you are catering for a large crowd or simply need to keep your prosecco cold, we are here to help.

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