Our Capri marquees come in a range of shapes and sizes. They can be connected together to create the space and venue perfect for your wedding, party or event. Below are a few layout options and ideas based on our past bookings. The Capri marquees can cater for guests up to 300+.

You can tale a look at our Capri Gallery for photos of the different layout options.

28'x38' Capri Marquee - 80 Guests Seated


The 28ft by 38ft Capri marquee is our most popular option as it provides plenty of room for 80 guests seated formally. If hired for a disco party it can easily fit over 100 guests standing with a dance floor, Bar, DJ or Live Band.

20'x30' Capri Marquee - 64 guests seated


The 20ft by 30ft Capri Marquee is ideal for slihgtly small events under 80 guests. This marquee is a great garden marquee and can accomodate 48 guests seated fromally and over 75 guest stnaidng for a disco party. Again this marquee can easily fit a dance floor, DJ and Bar.

2x 28'x38' Capri Marquee - 120 guests



For weddings and parties over 100 guests we supply our 2 28ft by 38ft Capri marquees linked. This offers fantastic space for your guests to have a seated meal with plenty of room for a dance floor and disco party and Liver Band. This Capri marquee layout can cater for 160 guests seated formally or 200 guests standing.


3x 28'x38' Capri Marquee - 176 guests


For events and weddings with over 160 guests then take a look at our 3x 28ft by 38ft Capri marquee linked. This marquee layout is great for large parties with a seated meal and a full disco party. It provides great room for all the guests in both the dinning area and party dance floor section. This marquee is ideal for either 240 guests formally seated or 300 guests standing. Again this set up is great for both dinning and disco with a dance floor, DJ disoc and Live Band. 

For more layout ideas Contact Us or take a look at some of our Gallery.

Here are a few layout ideas:





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